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Sumisho Aero Engine Lease B.V.

Sumisho Aero Engine Lease B.V., headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a joint venture aircraft engine lease company between Japan-based Sumitomo Corporation and German-based MTU Aero Engine.  Sumisho Aero Engine Lease B.V. is specializing in medium- to long-term leasing arrangements and engine financing solutions.

Sumitomo-MTU joint...

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Sumisho Aero Engine Lease focuses on medium- and long-term engine leasing and offers various leasing and financing solutions to our customers on the diverse type of engines in the aviation industry including:

- CFM56-5B/-7B
- V2500-A5
- Leap-1A/-1B
- PW1100G-JM
- CF6-80C2
- GE90-115B
- GEnx
- CF34-10E

The major advantage of long-term leases is that operators need not invest in spare engines of their own, so there is no cash outflow and no tied-up capital. Furthermore, the customer has immediate access to a spare engine whenever it needs one, with unlimited...

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Sumisho Aero Engine Lease B.V.
World Trade Center, Office Tower B / 16F, Strawinskylaan 1639, 1077 XX Amsterdam
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